Arnolt 220

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Bertone Coupe 4302


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Chrome wire wheels.

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Duane DePuy, Ohio, 1955-6 per April, 1956 Road & Track, (d. 2012, age 85, in Middleburg Heights, OH.)

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MG produced this as a Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications, on 19 July, 1951. The chassis for cars 218, 219 and 220 are far out of norrmal sequence, suggesting that there were three prototypes with the kick-up at the rear of the door, as prototypes 218 and 219, not the door middle as production cars. According to the Vessel ledgers, Arnolt coupe 220 was shipped on the SS Exceller, received in Chicago on 2 Feb. 1953. Purchaser was MG Motor Sales, billed on 23 May, 1953 and delivered on 27 May, 1953, invoice 861. Probably this car is described and photographed for the April, 1956 Road and Track (pp. 40-41) as receiving a '55 Chevy V8 drive-train swap. The author of the article (and presumed owner) is Duane DePuy, 1955 license plate Ohio CR976. If it is the same car, it has lost the bumper end guards at the front, and gained a fender-antenna, and rearview mirror on the door pillar.

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