Arnolt 221

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XPAG/TD2/22757 - now with a replacement XPAG engine lacking the octagonal engine number plate.


Coupe 4303


New Hampshire


Paint Color

Haze Blue 222-2168

Upholstery Color

Red VM 30986


Chrome Borrani wire wheels

Optional Extras

According to ASD Ledgers 2 & 3, originally supplied with radio and chrome wire wheels.

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Additional Information

According to the Vessel Ledger, Arnolt coupe 221 was shipped on the SS President Buchanan, arriving in Chicago on April 18, 1953. All ledgers show the original purchaser was British Motor Mart on July 30, 1953, on invoice 1053. The car was purchased by John Kiner from Columbus Motor Mart [perhaps British Motor Mart?] on December 1st 1953. After many years of use, the car was sold to Jack Mendenhall, but was repurchased by Kiner. Kiner’s family sold the car to John Elwood in the fall of 2018. 221 was originally “Haze Blue” and was also once school bus yellow, before returning to an approximation of Haze Blue, sometime before 1995. There is evidence the car was at one point fitted with a V-style engine, but it has since returned to a replacement XPAG engine without an octagonal number plate. The car has never been fully restored, but was maintained by John Kiner who advertised himself in 1963 as “Servicing: High Performance Foreign Cars Antiques-Rolls Royce-Ferrari-Mercedes-Bugatti”. As of 2020, the car is in good to fair condition with some amateur body work and other mechanical needs. The current owner has done much work to return the car to its original condition.

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