Arnolt 225

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Bertone Coupe 4308


state unknown


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Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

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Ownership History

Simon Fraser, Portugal.

Per Terry Sanders, "Now sold to Simon at in France", Benjamin Gilbert, 5979 S.W. 104th St, Miami, FL. 33156; ex Art Floyd in Titusville FL 1971, who minimally restored it after finding it abandoned in Cocoa Beach. The salt air had done a job on the body, but he had done a minimal repair (after taking many good parts and emblems, etc. for his coupe, which he fully restored). I then bought the car from him and drove it 200+ miles to Miami. Top removed and TD hood frames adapted. Car sold to Peter Ratcliff (SVW Spares) in UK July 2001. "

Additional Information

MG produced this as a Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications, on 25 November, 1952. The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt coupe 225 was shipped on the SS Nyhaug, received in New York on 11 June, 1953. Purchaser was David H. Aldeborgh (1928-2016?), delivered on 18 June, 1953 through Momo Corp, New York, invoice 941. Per Simon Fraser: "225 was found in a Cocoa Beach, Florida junk yard in the 1960s, it was then lightly restored and painted thunderbird yellow. It was sold in 1971 to  Benjamin Gilbert who kept it until 2001 without returning it to the road. I unsiezed the engine and one carb and it runs quite well."

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