Arnolt 240

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XPAG/TD2/23955 (presently Triumph replacement)


Convertible 4409


Bay of Plenty

New Zealand

Paint Color

Originally Grecian Grey (Sanders register as Red 253-438)

Upholstery Color

Beige (Sanders register as Grey?)



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Optional Extras

Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

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Additional Information

The vessel ledger show that convertible Arnolt 240 was shipped on the SS Kollbrynn with convertibles 236, 238 and 239, and was received in Chicago via the Great Lakes on August 4, 1953. All ledgers show the purchaser was Melvin H. Boldt, delivered on January 21, 1954 on invoice 13 Boldt (1917-1981) was an important industrial designer from the 50's to the 70's for Bendix, Raytheon and Zenith, where "The success of his firm afforded Boldt a lifestyle of golf, fine cars, and impeccable suits." He also designed various AMI jukeboxs, and the Zenith Transoceanic radio. (For more on Boldt see and

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