Arnolt 244

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Bertone Coupe 4317


state unknown


Paint Color

Haze Blue

Upholstery Color

Red VM 3086



Optional Extras

Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

Ownership History

Sold by Movendi, Duesseldorf, Germany

At some point, owned by John Rogers. 1980: Betty Krause, Port Richie, Florida (she had body and interior restored). 1988: Chris Taylor?, UK?. 1996: Julia and Gene Sorbo, Florida, 813 327 9204. . 1998: Vintage Motors, Sarasota, Fl. 1999: Imported to Belgium with Slades Garage ( ). 2000: Quentin Chases, (Red Lion House, High Street, Amersham Bucks, HP7 0DP, ENGLAND, 07860 744 358), license OSL 895. Much mechanical work then by Retro Motors: 5-speed, 3.9 diff, rebuilt engine with lightened flywheel, enlarged to 1380cc and balanced, Shorrock, Laystall-Lucas head, sway-bar and up-graded shocks. Dunlop wire wheels. 2007: Sold 3 December at Bonham’s (lot 660) for ₤27,600. 2010: sold to Volker Weicker through Purnell Classic Cars, Essex, UK, German license DA LL 661; sold for him by Movendi, Duesseldorf, Germany..

Additional Information

MG produced this as a Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications (EXLNA), on 26 February,1953. The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt 244 was shipped on the SS Polycrest with coupes 242, 243, 245 and 246, and convertible 241, and was received in Chicago via the Great Lakes on August 5, 1953. The purchaser was Seabreeze Motors, Inc., Fla., delivered on December 17, 1953, invoice 1301. Enjoying MG, April, 1999; MG Enthusiast, April 2001.

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