Arnolt 252

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XPAG/TD2/26316 (now 289 Ford V-8)


Bertone Coupe 4324




Paint Color

Peacock Blue 222-2013 (now red)

Upholstery Color

Red VM 3086



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Optional Extras

Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

Ownership History

Tom Lange, Bar Harbor, Maine,

K. Gregory, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additional Information

MG produced this as a Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications (EXLNA), on 9 March, 1953. The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt coupe 252 was shipped on the SS Joliette with Arnolt coupes 254, 255 and 257 and convertibles 250 and 253, arriving in Chicago via the Great Lakes on 26 August, 1953. The original purchaser was British Motor Sales, San Diego, Cal. in the Vessel ledger and ASD 1 & 3 (but Midwest Car & Boat in ASD ledger 2) on 2 August 1955, invoice 173. The car was regularly driven for many years by K. Gregory's father in Las Vegas, with a Ford 289 V-8 engine, Ford 4-speed transmission and Ford differential. The firewall, pedals and sheet-metal were all modified to fit, a sway-bar and MGA disc brakes were added with after-market 4-lug wheels. The front seats were replaced with lightweight fiberglass shells. Other than the engine compartment and pedals, the car is otherwise quite complete, and the body is relatively unmolested.

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