Arnolt 255

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Bertone Coupe 4326


state unknown

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British Racing Green

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Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

Ownership History

SCRAPPED by Seneca Coachworks, NY, Chassis to George Phelps, misc parts to Jarl deBoer

Scrapped. According to Rich Trebelhorn, "it was listed for sale in the Washington Post in (I think) November of 1967, in the Metro Washington area, Montgomery county or Arlington Va. I think I paid $100 for it and towed it home to an apartment in NW Washington, had some electrical work done at a shop in Adams-Morgan, and drove it more-or-less successfully for about a year. Subsequently moved to southern Maryland to an apartment complex where I no longer had a garage, and the car lived outdoors for a few months. Late October or early November I was headed out to register to vote when the engine just plain quit, and I didn't have the resources to look after it. I walked away from the MG, and was later told that the car was sold or given to a guy in up-state NY who was planning to build a dragster."

Additional Information

MG produced this as a "Chassis Only" Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications (EXLNA), on 11 March, 1953. The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt 255 was shipped on the SS Juliette with Arnolt coupes 252, 254 and 257, and convertibles 250 and 253, arriving in Chicago via the Great Lakes on 26 August, 1953. The purchaser was J.S. Inskip (New York) on June 24, 1955, invoice 130.

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