Arnolt 265

Available Info for Arnolt 265


TD26329 (26332 per Sanders)


XPAG/TD2/268950 (26658 per Sanders)


Convertible 4416


state unknown

country unknown

Paint Color

Post Office Red 253-438

Upholstery Color

Grey VM 3230



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Additional Information

The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt convertible 265 was shipped on the SS Kollfbrnn, arriving in Chicago via the Great Lakes on 13 October, 1953, with Arnolt convertibles 256, 259, 262, 268 and 271, and coupes 258, 260, 261, 263 and 266. The original purchaser was British Motor Sales, San Diego on 2 August, 1955, on invoice 171, according to ASD ledgers 1 & 3 and the Vessel ledger (but ASD ledger #2 states the purchaser was Wisconsin Auto Sales(..

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