Arnolt 275

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XPAG/TD2/26695 (no engine at present)


Bertone Coupe 4339




Paint Color

Sun Bronze (now red)

Upholstery Color



Borrani wires

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Optional Extras

Originally supplied with painted wire wheels.

Ownership History

Alistair Cunningham, 1218 Isles Ct, Boynton Beach, FL 33426. For sale in Hemmings on-line 4/22, $10,000, lacking engine, and needing rust repair and total restoration. eBay 10/22, listed by "classicoverdrive", Miami, FL, no engine. Starting bid $10,995; BIN $12,995; sold for $13,695 with one bid to ?.

Additional Information

MG produced this as a "Chassis Only" Left-Hand drive TD with Export to North America specifications (EXLNA), on 7 April, 1953. The Vessel ledgers show that Arnolt coupe 275 was shipped on the SS Joliette with Arnolt coupes 276, 278, 279, 281, 282 and 284, and convertible 283, received in Chicago on November 16, 1953. The purchaser was Seaboard Construction Co. on 27 October, 1955, on invoice 295 (Ben Smith, Mt. Kisco, according to ASD ledger #1. On 6 Oct. 1955 Smith also purchased coupes 275 and 298.) Owned some time after 1959 by Bob Bard (Hemmings, S&EC May 2010), who believed it had a 1,500 engine. He traded in his 1959 Fiat-Abarth, for which the dealer gave him $425 towards the $1,250 Arnolt. It was red when he bought it with no front bumper (note the very odd front bumper in recent photos); he painted it green. He saw it once more in the Poughkeepsie area, painted silver.

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