Arnolt 303

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XPAG/TD2/27813 (replacement XPAG


Coupe 4358


state unknown


Paint Color

Peacock Blue 222-2013 (now red)

Upholstery Color

Red VM3086 (now white or beige)


Factory steel wheels (now chrome Dayton wires, with incorrect 3-ear spinners).

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Additional Information

According to the delivery ledgers, Arnolt coupe 303 was shipped on the SS Meir Dizengoff, and was received in New York on January 13, 1954, with Arnolt coupes 293, 299, 302, 308 and 314. Original customer was W. W. Bruning (no delivery date given). According to John deBoer in BAT comments, "The Arnolt car number for this car is “303” and the MG-TD chassis number should be TD27360. The original engine number was 27813. The car had Peacock Blue paint and sat on MG-TD wheels. Eighteen Arnolt-MG cars sailed for the USA early January 1954 for the USA on the S/S Meir Dizengoff. Six cars were delivered 22 January 1954 in New Orleans, including Arnolt coupes 297, 305, 306, 309, 311 and 312. The first owner of Arnolt 303 was reportedly “H.W. Bruning” and the car was reportedly first titled 1955. It may have been this car that was advertised 1964 in Wisconsin, fitted with a Laystall-Lucas cylinder head? There are three reported owners in Illinois from 1969 to 1979 (or later). The car was missing its drivetrain (and more) when sold though a mechanics lien and went to Virginia. Additional dramas ensued, including a “repossession”. Re-done ca. 2003 with added Dayton wire wheels,, non-original XPAG engine, 5-speed transmission and Marshall-Nordec supercharger. Sold on Bring-a-Trailer 1/21 for $90,999. Offered by Hyman (St. Louis) 4/22 for $89,500.

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