Arnolt 307

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XPAG/TD2 27933


Convertible 4430


state unknown


Paint Color

ICI Sun Bronze 222-2027 (re-painted Olsmobile Gold, a close match

Upholstery Color

Connolly Beige VM847


Factory steel disc

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Optional Extras

Heater, radio

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Additional Information

According to the delivery ledgers, Arnolt convertible 307 was shipped on the SS Meir Dizengoff with Arnolt coupes 296 and 300, and convertibles 298, 301 and 304 and was received in Miami, Florida on January 19, 1954. The original customer was Florence Hill, Oak Lawn, Ill., delivered on 1 Feb. 1955. (Mrs.:) This car was purchased by my father in 1963, in Kalamazoo, Michigan for $1100 when I was 13 years old; we drove the car from Michigan back to Kansas. Over the next four years, I took my driving lessons in this car and loved the shifting, but had a hard time learning not to slip the clutch. I drove it to work several times a week. In 1980, after I had moved out, my father surprised me by giving this MG to me for my 30th birthday. In 2007 my husband and I moved to Nebraska and trailered the car with us. It remains garaged and continues to be maintained by my husband. Several times a year, we take the car out and drive it, and the same thrill of years ago returns. This car has now been in the family for 58 years (2021). We understand that [a total of] 18 Arnolt-MG cars were shipped on the S/S Meir Dizengoff [to different ports] in January, 1954. The #307 was among six delivered to Miami, Florida January 19, 1954 and titled as a 1955. Mileage today is 40,140 miles and believed to be original.

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