Arnolt 313

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Convertible 4432


state unknown


Paint Color

Sun Bronze 222-2027, now red

Upholstery Color

Brown VM 3190, now tan



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Additional Information

According to the delivery ledger, convertible 313 was shipped on the SS Annik with coupes 315 and 317, and convertibles 310, 316, 318, 319 and 320, received in Chicago on 24 June, 1954. Original customer was British Motor Sales (no delivery date given). Published in MG Enthusiast, March, 1999. Appears to be fitted with H6 carbs and pancake filters, chrome valve-cover and blue fresh-air hose; has wood-rim steering wheel and incorrect front running lights. This car once had a V-8, and when acquired had the incorrect rear axle, front spindles and radiator, and chopped engine compartment.

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