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Bertone Coupe 4368


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This listing exists because Arrival, Stock and Disposal ledger I (only) lists a car 321 without chassis or engine number, as "K/D BODY" with no further information K/D or CKD stands for "[Completely] Knocked Down", and usually describes cars sold in disassembled state to countries where taxes on unassembled or incomplate cars are significantly lower. K/D cars are dispatched without installed engines, and are assembled in their home countries - for MGs, in South Africa, and Ireland. As a body only, Arnolt 321 may relate to the three (!) bodies reported as seen by Anatoly Arutunoff in Chicago - see HISTORY - but no further documentation exists for any of these. Since 321 lacks an MG engine or chassis number, it does not appear ever to have been assembled as a complete car by Bertone.

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