Tom Lange Collection

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Terry Sanders Collection

Articles About the Arnolt MG

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Articles about Nuccio Bertone and Franco Scaglione

1. Nuccio Bertone 1914-1997, Classic Cars, May 1997

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Arnolt Corp. Publications

1. Arnolt Soundings, Vol. 8 No. 1, January 1953 (house organ) (Terry)

2. Arnolt Family Sports Cars, S.H. Arnolt, Inc. brochure date unknown (Terry)

3. Arnolt MG Basic Specification sheet, red and black on white.

4. Arnolt Soundings, Vol 8 No 10, October 1953, 24 pages, pictures. (Jarl)

5. Autocessories Ltd. (Div. of Arnolt Corp.) full “info request packet”,
    catalog, several sales sheets, envelope w/Arnolt rubber stamp etc. (Jarl)

Books with pictures of the Arnolt MG and a little text

    Sacred Octagon NEMGTR, June 1990

2. “T Series Tribute”, 50th. Anniversary limited edition book,
    edited by Knudsen. ©1987 (Jarl)

3. “The MG Story” by Joseph H. Wherry, 1967 (Terry)

4. “Original MG T Series” by Anders D. Clausager 1989 (Terry)

5. “MG: The Sports Car Supreme” by Joseph H. Wherry, 1982 (Terry)

Postcards showing Arnolt MGs

1. Arnolt MG convertible, (red) shore of Lake Michigan, fall (Jarl)

2. Arnolt MG coupe, (blue?) shore of Lake Michigan, winter (Jarl)

3. Arnolt MG coupe, B/W, Bud Collyer, promo: “Grand Prize” on
    “Feather Your Nest”, early TV show. (Jarl)

Arnolt Regalia

1. Arnolt ties, silk, w/flying A horse emblem at bottom in various colors

2. Arnolt key fobs w/ flying A horse pin, various colors (Terry knows a source)

3. Arnolt scarves Silk w/ flying A horse emblems in a pattern, various colors.

4. Large Flying A horse emblems, Cloisonne as original (Jarl)

5. Small ” ” “emblems as found on glove box door or on key fobs (Jarl)

6. Bertone emblem as original in copper/Cloisonne for body (Jarl)

7. T shirts, patches and bill caps from Terry Sanders